Solution to Outdated Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the best free social Instant messenger.
This app is used worldwide by teenager and adult, it has various communication platforms like free message sending, free call, group chart, mass broadcast, large photo and video files sharing, and internet marketing etc. depends on your knowledge of its application.
But the App can be annoying some time to a novice
Imagine when you u just turn on your smart phone and hoping to send the message; like hi shoddy
Then  the next thing you see on your phone screen is one of the following messages
1.      This version of whatsapp has been outdated since May, 2015 download the latest version and continue, at this time you might not have much data bundle to do so; then you will feel disappointed
2.      Whatsapp error set date and time,
You don’t have any course to disturb your mind all you just need to do for any of the above issues is to follow these steps
For problem 1: the course is that the author of the app have actually updated and added more features to it but if you don’t have the data bundle to download it.
Just go to your phone settings, locate the date and time setting and backdate your phone time and date below the month the app was updated.
Go to the list of your running app select Whatsapp and stop it.
Then restart it and it would open very well but don’t forget that back dating your device can make it malfunction, so remember to correct the  date back after you have charted with it.
Problem 2: the course is that your device date is set below the current year of the app. Version
Just correct your date and time, close the App. And re –launch it and it will run well.
Note:  if you correct the date without closing the app it will still show error
Another thing is how to know when your current version of whatsapp will expire.
To do this just the date of your device to 2 or 3 months of the current month,
Close your whatsapp and re-launch it.
The message you get is that your whatsapp has expired download the current version and you see when it will be out dated.  Enjoy your day.
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