Sharing Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress

WordPress allows you to create private posts and even password protected posts. The problem with private posts is that you need to have editor level permissions to see this post. But what if you wanted to share post with only a specific group of people such as family members or work team? In this article, we will show you how to share posts with users groups in WordPress.
Creating reading groups for your WordPress site
Start by entering a name for your reading group and then click on ‘Add new reading group’ button. Repeat this step, if you need more than one reading group.

Once you are satisfied, it is time to add users into your reading groups.
Go to the Users page in your WordPress admin area and edit the user you want to add to a group. You will find the WP JV Reading Groups section towards the bottom of the screen.
Simply check the box next to the user group where you want to add this user. You can also add a user into multiple groups. Don’t forget to click on update user button when you are done.
Adding user into reading group
Sharing a Post with User Groups

Now that you have your users group setup, let’s take a look at how you can privately share posts with a specific user group.
Start by creating a new post or editing an existing one. You will notice the new WP JV Reading groups meta box.
You can click the checkbox next to the group name you want to share the post with. Next, Under the Publish meta box click on the Edit link next to Visibility, and set your post to private.
Sharing a post privately with a user group
That’s all. You can now update or publish the post, and it will be only visible to the users in the user group you selected.
Note: User groups don’t give any special permissions to your users. The capability of users on your WordPress

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