The Best Habit Tracking App for Android

If you’re not tracking your habits, you’re missing out on a powerful motivation tool. HabitHub is a fantastic app that can track your habits, remind you to stay on top of them,
and provide some great charts showing your progress.



  • Track up to five habits for free, unlimited 
  • Set daily habit targets or a certain number of times per week
  • Schedule reminders for the days and times you want to tackle your habits
  • See success chains, even for non-consecutive habits as long as you meet your quota
  • View several graphs and charts to track your progress over time
  • Add rewards you can “earn” by accumulating points for completing habits
  • Backup and sync data with Dropbox
  • Premium unlocks widgets, PIN lock, CSV export, and more

Where It Excels

There are a ton of different strategies to build a new habit. You can try the streak method where you focus on not breaking the chain, or you can use a cue-routine-reward system to give yourself a reason to get into the habit every day. HabitHub does an excellent job of helping everyone, no matter what method works for you.
You can quickly add new habits and rewards with the big Plus button on HabitHub’s home page. Simply add a name, a longer description if you want, and pick a schedule for your habit. You can choose a daily habit, like drinking water, or you can use a more flexible schedule. For example, if you want to start working out, you can aim for three times a week. As long as you reach your goal three times within a seven-day period, HabitHub will count it as a success.
Over time, HabitHub will generate graphs to show your progress. You can see your “habit strength” which calculates how often you reach goals, versus the times that you skip your habits. The”punch card” view shows which days you’re most active for each habit, and a history chart shows your streaks over time.

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