Simple Guide To use bb plan for laptos and other devices

Pls follow this simple guide to keep enjoying Airtel BB plans on the network: Recharge ur SIM with N100.......... do a daily sub *440*17#, once it is successful dial *123*123# to confirm which account it will go to.
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Pls pay attention now:
When you do the sub if it goes to Account 9 you have lost the ability to subscribe and use BB plans.
However, if it goes to Account 10 congratulations you still can enjoy the BB plans till the alien take over is complete.

Next: Send 'DEACTIVATE' in an sms to 440 to deactivate the daily plan then u can subscribe to the desired plan you want.

80MB N100 *440*17# BBUD 1Day
400MB N525 *440*18# BBUW 7Days
160MB N100 *440*171# BBUD2 (selected Lines)
240MB N200 *440*017# BBUD3 3Days (we all know how to extend it)
2GB N1500 *440*16# BBUM 1Month
6GB N3000 *440*016# BBUM3 3Months etc....................

Note: I have tried and tested this, i subscribed on my modem this night
PS: older lines will enjoy more of this privilege and as long as your Data is still in account 10 nothing will touch it.

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