Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron 
REUTERS/Stefan WermuthBritain's Prime Minister David Cameron delivers an election speech at the Hayesfield Girls' School in Bath, western England, Britain May 4, 2015.
Hello! Here's what you need to know for Wednesday.
1. Britain's general election is one day away, while the two major parties remain neck-and-neck in the polls.

2. In Alberta, traditionally Canada's most Conservative province, the left-leaning New Democrats ended the 44-year run of the right-of-centre governing party. 
3. The Islamic State has tried to claim responsibility for the shootings in Texas at a cartoon-drawing contest for depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
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4. As negotiations to unlock much-needed bailout cash continue, the Greek government has reportedly not been paying several domestic obligations, like payments to military contractors, for several months now.

5. Violent storms in northern Germany have left at least one person dead and caused widespread damage.
6. France is in talks with Saudi Arabia to agree to projects worth billions of euros, including contracts in the defence and energy sectors.

7. Around 40 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean on Sunday, according to migrants who were rescued by a Maltese ship from their rubber boats after leaving Libya.
8. Two Nevada men filed a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit against Manny Pacquiao, in which they claim he hid a shoulder injury before his loss to Floyd Mayweather.
9. Uber has ended operations in Kansas following a bill that requires companies to certify that drivers have collision insurance and requires background checks.
10. Ferries will begin operating between Cuba and US for the first time in more than 50 years.
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Van Gogh's "Les Alyscamps," which depicts an autumn scene in France, sold for $66 million (£44 million) at auction in New York, the most paid for a work by the artist since 1998.