Airtel SME plans are designed to empower the SME by offering flexible and comprehensive business solutions bundled with closed user group, data and other value added services at affordable rates.

Closed User Group enables you and your employees or colleagues communicate for free (up to 1000 minutes per month), at an access fee charged at the end of the month.

SME plans are available on either monthly access fee or minimum commitment.
SME Pro - Bundled with complimentary 500MB of data & 30 onnet SMS
SME Plus - Bundled with complimentary 100MB of data & 20 onnet SMS
SME Basic - Basic plan with no freebies


  1. Available in per second and per minute billing.
  2. It affords you the convenience to "use now and pay later".
  3. You can have unlimited talk time controlled with credit limits.
  4. Access to top-up with recharge cards.
  5. Personalised account management.
  6. Priority routing at all Shops and Call Centres.
  7. Access to itemised monthly bills available on the  website or sent via email monthly.
  8. Flexible bill payment options via cash and cheque deposits at banks and shops, online payments via quick teller, and now bill payment with recharges.


  1. Flexible option of either monthly access fees or minimum commitment.
  2. Significant cost savings for the business.
  3. Speedy access to field staff, colleagues and business partners regardless of their location.
  4. Increase productivity by quick and easy communication among employees.
  5. Better use of telephony as a business enabler.
  6. Access to complimentary special numbers.
  7. Access to Closed User Group with 10 – 99 group members.
  8. Complimentary internet service monthly.
  9. Complimentary SMS monthly.
      Plans SME Basic SME Plus SME  Pro
    BASIC (voice) Monthly access fees N1,000 or N1,500 or N1,750 or
    Monthly commitment fees N4,500 N5,250 N5,500
    Calls to Airtel Networks 17k/sec 17k/sec 17k/sec
    Calls to Other Networks in Nigeria 30k/sec 30k/sec 30k/sec
    Special International calls rates N10 (fixed lines) USA, India, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland
    International call rates  (other destinations) Standard  rates apply
    BASIC (SMS) SMS to Airtel networks N5 N5 N5
    SMS to other networks N9 N9 N9
    International SMS N15 N15 N15
    EXTRAS Closed User Group (CUG)      
    to  minutes 1000 minutes 1000 minutes 1000 minutes
    Complimentary Data n/a 100mb 500mb
    Complimentary SMS ( to ) n/a 20 30

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