Business Ring Back Tune Business RBT is a marketing and communication channel designed for companies and organisations to advertise their products and offerings while potential customers wait for their calls to be answered by the company’s staff.
While individual subscribers use Ring Back Tune to entertain their callers, organisations can activate their brand theme song, jingle, corporate slogan, product advertisement, holiday greeting, or a corporate anniversary greeting on their company’s/employee Etisalat mobile lines to communicate to their customers / prospective customers.
The service is designed to cater to the advertisement / communication needs of diverse categories of companies and NGOs such as:
  • Corporate Organisations
  • SMEs
  • Religious Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Bodies/groups
Benefits to companies
  • Establish brand presence through your employee's RBT
  • A cost effective channel to communicate products, services, events, information etc
  • Targeted marketing communication approach
S/N Description Cost (N) Validity
1 Tune Download 50 30 days
2 Monthly Rental 50 30 days
Cost of tune download and monthly rental is deducted from the airtime balance of the staff/subscribers using the tune.
To get started, send us an email to
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Business Solutions

Over the years, the Etisalat group has grown unrivaled capabilities to develop and deploy effective telecommunication services to the business market. This is why across the countries where we operate, our brand has become synonymous with premium telecom solutions and excellent customer service. The uniqueness of our offerings is built on the following values.
  • In-depth appraisal of Corporate operations, cost drivers, future growth areas, etc.
  • Customized solutions based on need, strategy thrust and existing gaps
  • Regular evaluation/update of deplored solutions
  • 24/7 support and Account management
  1. Classic Postpaid :
    Classic postpaid is a fully packed post-paid package from Etisalat, the innovative network that cares. The package is designed for our corporate, SME and high net worth individuals. Subscribers to this package only pay for what they use out of their credit limit.

    The advantages of belonging to Elite Classic are myriad. From simple benefits such as an easy-to-understand contract package to a whole world of exclusive handsets and SIM options that make the world your playground, Elite Classic is tailored to fit your vibrant, executive and busy lifestyles. ...more

  2. Corporate Data :
    is our data solution designed for small and medium enterprises, high value clients, corporate clients and large organizations. Subscribers will get a monthly push of the Data and SMS bundle they subscribe to and will be billed based on the MMP selected and additional usage from the credit account if applicable. The amount in the credit account will be based on the credit category selected at provisioning. Data usage outside the bundle will be billed at the standard Elite World Post-Paid rate of 15K/KB ...more

  3. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express :
    Get more out of your BlackBerry by using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
    • Works on any type of BlackBerry service plan (BIS, BES and BES+)
    • FREE software download including FREE CALLs
    • Includes the latest end user features for new 5.0 OS platform
    • Supports Microsoft Exchange (2003, 2007, 2010) or Windows Small Business Server (2003, 2008)
    • Provides many features of BES, with 35+ IT policies for enterprise users
    - Supports up to 75 users when installed on the mail server eliminating the requirement to purchase additional hardware
    - No need to upgrade your mail server to get the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express wireless experience ...more

  4. The Toll Free Service :
    is a corporate client/SME only postpaid product offered by Etisalat where the subscriber pays for calls made to his toll free line. Boost response rate for direct marketing and Make your number easier to remember e.g. 0809 9JA BIZZ is a corporate client/SME only postpaid product offered by Etisalat where the subscriber pays for calls made to his toll free line. Boost response rate for direct marketing and Make your number easier to remember e.g. 0809 9JA BIZZ
    • Provide better customer service
    • Attract more customers by giving an air of professionalism
    • Increase confidence in the security of financial transactions with your company
    It is a service available to clients who want customers to call them for free to inquire information.

  5. The Bulk Messaging Solution :
    It is to cater to the need for an automated and robust bulk messaging service within etisalat, by enterprise users, by Mobile Application Service Providers (MASPs), and by end users (etisalat subscribers). It provides an easy to use and flexible interface for bulk messaging to Etisalat customers. Bulk Messaging Platform will support following message formats for sending bulk campaigns or single messages and should be configurable.

    • SMS   • MMS   • USSD   • Flash Messages    • Long SMS   • OTA   • Email   • WAP Push

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