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MTN SME Data Share

What is MTN SME Data Share?

MTN SME Data Share is a prepaid service that allows business owners to buy data bundles and share with their staff.  This service is specifically designed for growing businesses offering them the ability to centrally manage internet usage per staff across their business.
MTN SME Data Share has been designed to be simple, intuitive self-service solution, putting you in full control of your spend on data across your business.
To enjoy this service, you will need to first migrate to the MTN SME Plus tariff plan by texting 460 to 131.
Key Features
  • Data is transferred to beneficiaries using SMS or USSD
  • Data can be shared with anyone
  • The sharer of the data (sponsor) will have control of allocating data
  • Multiple data plans
  • You are able to provide internet access to all your staff even when on the go or in geographically-dispersed staff.
  • You are able to better plan/manage spend on internet for all your staff.
Subscription Plans
Plan Keyword to Activate Plan Bundle Data (GB) Monthly Bundle Price (N)
10 GB SMS 465 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 10,000
20 GB SMS 466 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 18,000
50 GB SMS 467 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 40,500
75 GB SMS 468 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the promp

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